Friday, May 28, 2010

Hi Again

     Hi all I know it's been ages since I've visited here but it just seems the last few months it's a flair up here , there and everywhere, of this or that or the other. It's no fun getting old when you are sick.
     Family life has been crazy since Christmas too. My wonderful husband won $5,000 in an online sweepstakes. After paying off several medical bills so we would be clear of them we had enough to really spoil our grandchildren at Christmas. They loved it! We got our grandson exactly what he asked for and more as he only asked for 3 reasonable items. My granddaughter had a HUGE scroll list and amazingly we didn't give her even one gift on her list. Instead we got some High end items she was always asking for and we said were too expensive and she agreed that her Grandparents ideas of what to get her were MUCH better than hers. So Christmas Eve was just great.
      Starting Christmas day daughter in law moved out with some "friends" she just came back 3 weeks ago more than broke because the "friends" milked her for all they could get. Perfect timing, we are low on food, Hubbies hours have been cut to parttime, with my disability I'm on a very small fixed income.
     I know the Lord doesn't give us more than we can handle but I really wish He didn't come so close *soft laugh* With the Lord's help and the prayers and love from other's we'll get by, not easily but we will get by.
     Well as always I will try to get here more often, but that will all depend on my medical condition. Until then have a